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Helicopters have this unique ability to operate from almost any location, which make then one of the most sought after flying machine. By making a decision to charter one of our state of the art helicopters for your business, event, pilgrimage, advertising or simply for pleasure, you are choosing the most economical and enjoyable way to travel. Because of the versatility of helicopters, you will be able to depart and land at almost any location. Looking for an airport will not be necessary.

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Where and when you can use private helicopter charter service?

The list of reasons why customers choose to charter an CharterPlus helicopter goes on and on. Helicopter travel is flexible and fast. Traveling by helicopter can often provide the ability to take off and land right at the location where you need to be; if not, very close by.

For Personal Events

Customers who travel with CharterPlus engage our helicopter charter service for a wide variety of personal events. We provide helicopter charter service for weddings, anniversary celebrations, joyrides, advertising in the sky, even family adventures. Our trained staff will pay close attention to your every wish, your every desire, and to every question, however trivial you think it might be. Every detail is important. We will arrange everything; all you need do is ask. Every client’s list of needs is unique, and our mission is to make your experience with us as safe, comfortable, and pleasurable as possible.

The possibilities are endless. A bride can enter her wedding venue by helicopter. Flowers can be dropped by helicopter in a shower of color onto any locale for a wedding, a special anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, or any number of other special occasions.

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For Business

If it is a business meeting or appointment you need to attend, by choosing to charter an CharterPlus Private helicopter, you will be able to easily eliminate the necessity of an expensive overnight stay. We can transport you to and from multiple destinations in the course of one day. You can spend your time in the air concentrating on what’s important, not worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to arrive at your destination on time.

You need to take your clients to your factory visit or if you are a relator or builder to show them your new project or property from the air. We can offer cost effective helicopter charter services that fit your impress your clients and also fits your budget.

Are you in the business of surveying properties? We will take you into the air over any property you specify in order for you to be able to get the clearest view of the land you wish to evaluate.

For Aerial Photography or Film Shoot

Are you a photographer needing an aerial view of your subject? Book a helicopter at CharterPlus. We will fly you over the location you have chosen and help you to find the perfect spot to focus on taking your perfect photographs.

You can also hire a helicopter form us to make your next film or song more glamor’s.

For Chardham Yatra or Other Pilgrimage tour

CharterPlus offers a unique Chardham Yatra Helicopter service. We will fly you by helicopter to the four pilgrimage sites in Uttrakhand, India. This can be a rough trip by ground, as some of the terrain can be treacherous. Traveling by helicopter will take the stress out of the trip and allow you, and everyone undertaking this pilgrimage with you, to focus on the soul refreshing journey it is meant to be.

At CharterPlus we offer affordable packages for everyone. We want your experience with us to be as enjoyable as it can be.

How to Book a Private Helicopter Flight with Us?

For Bookings you can call one of our helicopter charter expert at +91-9069-118-108. He or She will ask for required flight details like Flight Date, Time, Departure Place, Destination, Number of Passengers, Preferred helicopter type, Special Needs, Catering Requirement, Waiting Time, Night Halt requirement etc. There after they will prepare a customized estimated charter quote exclusively for you based on the details provided and share it with you.

For booking confirmation, we usually require 25% advance payment based on estimated charter quote and balance before the flight.

Temporary Helipad Requirements

Keeping in view Government regulations and safety of passengers, crew and helicopter, each temporary helipad the we need to operate must satisfy these requirements’.

  • Minimum Helipad Dimension should be 50-meter x 50 meter.
  • The site to be used for temporary helicopter operations should be a level piece of well-drained ground, either good grass or solid surface free from loose stones, debris.
  • The Final Approach and Take off Area should be obstruction free.
  • Helipad must be barricaded and must have measures to control crowd.
  • Helipad should have either fire extinguishers or fire brigade available as per DGCA
  • There should be an ambulance available at the helipad.

Local Landing Permissions

As Per DGCA regulations to operate from any place that is not licensed helipad or airport, permission of the land owner and local authorities (Either DC, DM or SDM) is required. The process of obtaining such permission vary from state to state and from district to district and usually take 4 to 5 working days.

Meet our exclusive Private Helicopter Charter Fleet.

Our exclusive helicopters charter fleet of multi and single engine helicopters

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