FAQ’s for Hiring Helicopter Charter

    Ques. Can the Helicopter be kept overnight or for a week ?

       Ans. Yes why not , but you have to pay per day charges (according to chopper and location).  


    Ques. Can one change the schedule after booking is confirmed ?

       Ans. Yes, but you have to inform us at least 10 working days before your scheduled flight date booked with us (it is dependent on Aircraft Availability)


    Ques. Is quotation free of cost ?

       Ans. Yes, absolutely free of cost and you can ask anything related to your query.


    Ques. What are the possible types of charges levied for Helicopter Booking ?

       Ans. There are different types of charges, some of them are – Flying Charges(calculated on per hour basis), Airport Handling(different for Airports), Fuel                       Tranportation Charge, Survey Charges, Waiting or Accomodation Charges(depending on the query). The Charges are levied depending on your Requirement .


   Ques. How do I place a cancellation request ?

      Ans. You can place a cancellation request either on call or on e-mail.


   Ques. Is there any cancellation fee ?

   Ans. The Cancellation Policy would go as per the signed Terms & Conditions which are mentioned below

            a) 25% of the charges based on Block Estimated Flying Time will be deducted in case a booking is cancelled after confirmation.

            b) 50% of the total estimated charter cost will be deducted in case a confirmed booking is cancelled between 72 to 24 hours of Estimated Time of Departure.

            c) 100% of the total estimated charter cost will be deducted in case of No Show or cancellation of confirmed booking within 24 hours of Estimated Time of Departure. 


    Ques. How long will it take me to receive the refund ?

        Ans. You will get your refund within 14 working days.


  Ques. Is it possible to get an NEFT refund if paid through credit/debit card or netbanking ?

     Ans. Yes, we can do bank transfer.


  Ques. What are the modes of payment ?

     Ans. Mode of Bank transfers are
a) Bank Transfer
b) Credit/Debit Card
c) Cash

              d) Cheque.


  Ques. How many passengers can travel on helicopter ?

     Ans. It’s totally Depends upon the Passengers Capacity of the Helicopter. We have the helicopters ranging from the capacity of 3 to 7.


  Ques. What will happen if there are weather concerns?

     Ans. Helicopter(s) will not conduct air tours in bad weather as it impacts safe operation of the helicopter and for detailed information you can contact our executives.


   Ques. Why do you need to know the weight of passengers ?

      Ans.  We require your weight for the safety purpose because different Helicopters have different weight capacity.


  Ques. Which ID proofs are required at the time of Helicopter booking ?

     Ans. Any Address Proof Authorised by Goverment Like Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID card.



   Ques. Will you be able to assist a Senior Citizen / Differentially abled passenger in and out of the helicopter ?

     Ans. Yes, we will help in this situation as well but it’s totally depends upon the condition of the passengers.



    Ques. Do you allow bags on Charter Flights ?

       Ans. Yes, we allow but upto 7 kg per person.


     Ques. How long is the flight ?

        Ans. Flight duration depends on your pick up and drop location.



   Ques. Is there any doctor in the flight ?

      Ans. There is no Doctor in the Helicopter.


    Ques. Can you do flights in night ?

       Ans. No, Helicopters are not allowed to fly after the Sunset and before the Sunrise.



     Ques. Instead of to and fro trip , can a passenger fly one way ?

        Ans. Yes, you can take one way ride as well.



     Ques. What should be the maximum weight of the passenger ?

        Ans. We allow only maximum 80 Kg. of weight for the passenger.       



      Ques. What aircraft do you have ?

         Ans. We operate in Single and Multi Engine Aircraft.



      Ques. Is there any specific time for the helicopters flights ?

         Ans. Specific timings for Helicopter is after Sunrise and before Sunset.